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  • Jessica JP Perez

What is Your One Word?

It's that time of year when resolutions are made and roughly 80% are broken by February. For the last few years, I have chosen to not create resolutions but to choose one word. Yes...ONE WORD to live and breathe 365 days a year.

So many words to choose from but this year was different. I didn't ponder for a few days to think what it could be. I simply chose it. Just like that. It became MY word.

You may ask how that is possible as some estimates state that the English language has over 1 million words and I chose ONE in a matter of minutes.

Last year was one of personal growth and development in so many facets of life that it seemed fitting to choose this word:


Defined its to put things into correct or appropriate relative positions. Literally, it is already becoming a great word. One that is clearly meant for my 2018 Road Map to Growth & Contribution.

The question is now yours: What is Your One Word?

Will you have the courage to post it, share it, own it for 365 days???

Let's become ONE WORD STRONG in 2018!!!

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