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  • Jessica JP Perez

Leap into Your New Year!

How true is that statement? Especially, as we embark on the New Year and plunge into 2018!

There are so many people who choose to say no without ever taking the chance and "leaping"...into a new career, friendship, lifestyle , or relationship.

Over the last few years, my middle name seems to have evolved from the initial L for Lynn to the initial L for Leap! I have always been someone who values "leaping" but have also been that person who surveys the lay of the land first. It is in this space that I have truly found my purpose in life: helping others find their "LEAP" meter!

Yes, a "LEAP" meter...its the internal barometer that we all possess. You know the one, that thing that actually holds us back or allows us to leap: blindly or with a few reservations but definitely a leap towards the unknown and into a new norm. The transformation will then begin!

I challenge each of you to allow me to help you "LEAP". Whether its over a puddle or a vast river, I am poised for the opportunity to share experiences and the goal setting strategies to make 2018 your best year ever!!!

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