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Love that you are here and super excited to have you explore a journey with me...

Jessica Perez: A Catalyst, Coach and Connector. 



There was a time when I hit a ceiling in my health, career, and relationships.


My life was in a state of status quo. I felt stagnant.


I believed there was much more.


Then one day, I was able to flip the switch to become a catalyst.


A catalyst for my own life transformation by taking massive action.


I started thinking, “This is me...all me.”


I’m a catalyst for change AND growth. 


From a teacher to a coach, to a founder and an entrepreneur, I am here as YOUR catalyst to improve your results in your business, health, sports, and life.


Are you in search of a catalyst to support you in doing bigger?


Throughout my life, professional career, and now as a business owner, I believe we all need someone in our corner.


Someone to show us the way and hold us accountable. 


I’m grateful to be coached by some of the best in the world. 


My coaches instruct and train me on how to get clarity in my vision and develop a strategy to execute the right actions. 

As a purpose-driven leader who wants to become a better version of yourself, you need a coach to mentor you to experience your breakthrough.


Someone to ask the questions that will lead to deeper questions.


When you have that someone, you will soar to new heights.

Do you want me to coach you to think bigger?



I believe deep connections are what moves the needle forward. 


I also believe to truly build relationships that matter, we must be vulnerable and brave.


To become a better connector, I’ve learned the key is to establish great rapport.


I believe a connector is one who networks strategically, asks great questions, and listens to understand. 


That’s why I focus on creating “Real, Raw, and Relevant (RRR)” connections.


When you focus on creating RRR connections, you will inspire and be inspired.

Let’s connect if you’re ready to unite with people who can help you grow bigger! 




  A change agent who listens to understand,

and sparks action to cultivate true growth. 


 Kudos from 
Andrea Wallace

Andrea Wallace is a senior and 3 year captain on the Sunlake HS Varsity Basketball Team. She has received Pasco County 1st Team All-Conference honors and is a Wendy's Heisman High School recipient. In addition, she is a high honor roll student and the President of the Pass It Forward Club, mentoring young girls and passing positivity forward. She plans to study law in college. 


An inspired speaker who engages and facilitates messaging that will reach even the toughest audience. ​


 Kudos from 
Dr.Sophia Nimphius

Dr. Sophia Nimphius is a sport scientist and strength and conditioning coach. She currently leads High Performance Services for Softball Western Australia, provides sport science support to Softball Australia and manages sport science at Surfing Australia Hurley in addition to being an Associate Professor at Edith Cowan University. 

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